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If you have not witnessed firsthand a cat's reaction to the Flying PurrSuit or Da Bird cat toys then you have no idea what you are in for!

These are no ordinary feather on stick toys! The feather refills are aerodynamically configured to spin through the air simulating a flying bird and for your cat look and sound like the real thing! Cat's Adore them!

Most invigorating innovative cat toys currently on the market with over 50 different prey attachments.

Best cat toys yet!!

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For those who have not seen the worldwide internet craze for these toys, The Flying PurrSuit and Da Bird are high quality, durable, interactive toys that cats just Adore!

The Rolls Royce of feather cat toys, not only because to a cat the feathers look, sound and feel like bird wings which mimic a real bird in flight but also because the construction quality is superb.

A single bob of The Flying PurrSuit or Da Bird is completely irresistible to cats! Recommended by veterinarians as a great way for a cat to exercise, bonding and in play therapy for behaviour issues. Toys that have to be hidden when not in use!

The Da Bird 2 part easy store rod consists of 2 x 18" fiberglass rods that connect together with a 50 lb test braided black nylon cord (32” long) and aerodynamically configured real Guinea fowl feathers set on a swivel. Handcrafted/Assembled in USA. 

The Flying PurrSuit has a single length long 39" or shorter 19 inch rod with swivel hook on top, made from fibreglass for strength, durability and fully rubber coated in a red sheath to eliminate any possibility of fibreglass splinters.
A 1 meter long Black strong cord  is attached to the rod's top swivel hook so can be replaced easily with your own cord or you can buy replacement cord packs.
The rod comes with a PurrSuit Pheasant feather spinning refill. Handmade in the UK using UK sourced ethical materials from free roaming game birds living a natural outdoor life before entering the food chain.

There are many other different attachments to add long term variety and interest for your cat all compatible with either rods - Simply clip on to Play.

In The Da Bird Range - Da Sparkler, Da Kitty Puff and Da Super Feather refill.

Just a sample of the many toys in the PurrSuit Purrs Cat Toy Range - Ratatouille, Mouse, Froggie, Fishie, Skitter, Locust, Firefly, Nymph,

So what's the difference from The Da Bird Easy store (USA) to the Flying PurrSuit (UK) rods?- The Da Bird has a two part rod 18" long each pushed together to make a 36" long rod. The Flying PurrSuit is a single length long rod 39" or single short 19" rod . Both are made with fibreglass and both excellent quality. However the PurrSuit rod does have these advantages:-

Play Therapy - How to use the Flying PurrSuit or Da Bird Cat Toys to help with behaviour issues.
You've probably seen your cat perched in the window watching real birds. With the Flying PurrSuit or Da Bird Cat toys, let the cat follow a pattern of flight around the room long enough to get completely involved in it: with rapt attention, tensing muscles, and a little twitch of the tail. Talk to the cat in a light praising tone.
At some point, swoop the toy close enough for the cat to make a grab. When he catches you, play dead, but keep gentle tension on the string. When the cat relaxes, you make your escape! Fly around a bit, then allow yourself to be caught again.

This whole routine can be repeated, of course until the cat is finished. But watch out for the "second wind!" This routine should truly tire the cat out. It is recommended to let your cat rest in between play. Single Feathers can be used to satisfy the cats catch instinct and the kill chew instinct.
The final step is a high protein snack. This completes the natural cycle of hunt-catch-kill-eat.
Once the sessions are over, put away the special play therapy toys or your cats will hunt them down!
Regular daily play therapy work will make your cat happier, more confident, help lose weight and less likely to manifest stress in unpleasant and unwanted ways.

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